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STOCKPORT PARISH CHURCH                                            ST MARY'S IN THE MARKETPLACE

                                 IN THE PARISH OF STOCKPORT AND BRINNINGTON

New works at St. Mary's.                       PHASE 6

with vital funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund of £200,800 

Two historic rooms, a Medieval 14 th century Chapel, converted into a vestry for the Rector long ago, and a Victorian vestry created for the choir in the 1884 Restoration of the church ,are about to receive a dramatic transformation!

What we have done?

New roofs, an essential part of any building, have been constructed over the vestries , securing these historic and valuable spaces for future use. Before the work began a comprehensive above-ground expert archeological survey was undertaken, to gain maximum knowledge of this heritage building in the centre of Stockport.

Why did we do it?

This part of the building was in danger of collapse. The roofs were leaking and the walls too were letting in water, rendering the rooms unsuitable for use, and causing rot to the ancient roof timbers, recently identified as dating from the 16th century.

Remedial work to the walls and floors as well as the roofs was essential and urgently required. Further restoration of the doors leading to and from the Vestries, and from the South entrance of the Chancel, together with enhanced electrical facilities have been incorporated into the works.

The Rector

The Reverend Roger Scoones

phase6week22.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)

phase6week21.pdf (PDF — 792 KB)

phase6week20.pdf (PDF — 731 KB)

phase6week19.pdf (PDF — 763 KB)

phase6week18odt.pdf (PDF — 700 KB)

phase6week17odt.pdf (PDF — 768 KB)

phase6week16odt.pdf (PDF — 624 KB)

phase6week15odt.pdf (PDF — 692 KB)

phase6week14odt.pdf (PDF — 852 KB)

phase6week13.pdf (PDF — 646 KB)

phase6week12.pdf (PDF — 712 KB)

phase6week11.pdf (PDF — 670 KB)

phase6week10.pdf (PDF — 866 KB)

phase6week9.pdf (PDF — 826 KB)

phase6week8.pdf (PDF — 696 KB)

phase6week6(2).pdf (PDF — 760 KB)

phase6week7.pdf (PDF — 800 KB)

phase6week5.pdf (PDF — 973 KB)

phase6week4.pdf (PDF — 600 KB)

phase6week3.pdf (PDF — 793 KB)

Phase 6 Week2.pdf (PDF — 671 KB)

Phase 6 Week1.pdf (PDF — 435 KB)